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Wisdom, Honesty, Courage, Strength.

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Collaboratively disseminate wireless innovation with standards compliant e-business.


Efficiently orchestrate resource sucking human capital whereas future-proof outsourcing.


Seamlessly redefine standards compliant ROI for seamless web-readiness.


Continually foster inexpensive systems with principle-centered value.

Foreign policy

Monotonically provide access to superior outsourcing after cross-media convergence.


Efficiently orchestrate resource sucking human capital whereas future-proof outsourcing.


Efficiently implement user-centric paradigms for cross-media relationships.

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Sam Pitroda

Chairman IOC

Mr. Sam Pitroda is an internationally respected telecom inventor, entrepreneur, development thinker, and policy maker who has spent 50 years in information and communications technology (ICT) and related global and national developments. Credited with having laid the foundation for India’s telecommunications and technology revolution of the 1980s, Mr. Pitroda has been a leading campaigner to help bridge the global digital divide.

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15 hours ago
Congress President Rahul @RahulGandhi & Smt Priyanka Gandhi Vadra pay their respects to their father, the former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi on his birth anniversary. #RememberingRajivGandhi #RajivSadbhavnaDivas
8 months ago
It's been 133 years. And we've just got started.

Indian National Congress

The Indian National Congress has always represented a secular, democratic, just and inclusive India, an India that is empowering the disadvantaged and the discriminated. The Indian National Congress has been a mass movement that brought us freedom from colonial rule. And then it evolved into a mass movement committed to bringing other freedoms - economic, social, individual - to our people. We laid the foundations of a modern nation-state. It has been the binding force that has firmly stitched together the concept of a strong and unified India, confident of its place in the works
Indian National Congress
Indian National Congress16 hours ago
We remember former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the architect of far reaching reforms in Telecom, IT, Panchayati Raj amongst many many others, on his birth anniversary.
#RememberingRajivGandhi #RajivSadbhavnaDivas

Indian Overseas Congress - IOC

A group of diverse, capable, concerned, committed & courageous Overseas Indians & friends of India coming together in the form of a local cell at various key global cities to understand, educate ,discuss, debate, learn, lead and promote Indian National Congress ideology, values, vision, background, history, heritage, leadership and Legacy. Create better world for all through Democracy, Diversity , Inclusion, Secularism , Freedom, Truth, Simplicity, Sacrifice, Love, Non violence, Growth, Employment, Technology, Development & Dialogue.
Indian Overseas Congress - IOC
Indian Overseas Congress - IOC2 days ago
I just read the following article on Keral floods by George Abraham , Vice chairman of IOC USA. It gives a glimpse of the tragedy affecting our people and needs all our sympathy and support.

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